Charged Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne showed on the first teaser

Charged Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne showed on the first teaser

February 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A more powerful version of the Hispano Suiza Carmen hypercar will be unveiled at the March Geneva Motor Show.

The Spanish brand Hispano Suiza, which was very popular in the pre-war years and was not inferior to Rolls-Royce in prestige, was recently revived successfully. Miguel Mateu, the great-grandson of one of the founders of the original company Damian Mateu, took up this work. The “first-born” of the brand was the spectacular Carmen coupe, which received its name in honor of the mother of Miguel Mateu. Now the Spaniards are ready to present an even more powerful version of their acclaimed hypercar – Carmen Boulogne. Before the forthcoming debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the brand even managed to release an intriguing teaser of the electric grand tourer, which learned a lot from the racing Hispano Suiza H6B.

 The manufacturer himself, characterizing the new product, first of all notes its power, excellent speed qualities and exclusivity. Other details are kept secret.

 As for the Boulogne console, then this nickname was once given to the rally Hispano Suiza H6B. This happened after a series of victories in 1921-1923 in the prestigious race around Boulogne. “By inheritance” the nickname passed to the special version Carmen.

 Outwardly, the “hot” electric car Carmen Boulogne differs from its predecessor in a modified radiator grill, stylish copper-colored inserts around the entire perimeter of the body, an expressive front splitter, etc. A couple of electric motors giving a total of 1,020 hp, as well as lithium 80 kWh polymer battery.