Charged hatchback Toyota GR Yaris appeared on sale

Charged hatchback Toyota GR Yaris appeared on sale

March 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

“Hot” hatch became available for purchase in the car market in Europe. The creators of the “charged” GR Yaris improved it in such a way that in the near future it will serve as the basis for racing cars.

The powerful version of the Toyota GR Yaris hatchback, which debuted in January 2020, waited for its market debut. The brand announced the start of sales of new items. The car is driven by a new 1.6-liter G16E-GTS three-cylinder engine delivering 261 hp. In the home market, Toyota GR Yaris demonstrates great returns – 272 hp. The hatchback gets all-wheel drive, and the pair of Torsen limited slip differentials are responsible for the distribution of traction between the axles. The novelty weighs only 1,280 kilograms.

 The car picks up the first 100 kph in 5.5 seconds, and its “smart” electronics limits its maximum speed at around 230 km / h.

 Some of the technologies that the automaker chose for the GR Yaris, borrowed from rally racing. In Germany, Toyota’s new product is estimated at 33,200 euros . The first European deliveries, despite the start of sales, are scheduled for the end of 2020.