Charged Ferrari 488 Pista roadster is presented

Charged Ferrari 488 Pista roadster is presented

August 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

Like the coupe version, the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider roadster is equipped with the most powerful engine, which only is available to the engineers of the Ferrari. So far, there is no official data on the price of the novelty. However, there is no doubt that the version of the sports car with a soft roof will be more expensive.

Previously, the guys from the legendary Italian brand Ferrari presented the most powerful version of the model 488, which was named 488 Pista. After a while, even more exclusive performance of the Pista Piloti was shown. It, in turn, was reserved only for members of the sports team of Ferrari. Now, the automaker held an official presentation of the new version of the model.

This time it was decided to remove the roof, well, not that it would be at all – it is, only soft and can be folded / removed at the request of the driver. It is reported that the novelty is the 50th model of the company Ferrari. Under its hood is the most powerful engine V8, which was ever created by the engineers of the brand.

This is a 3.9-liter V8 twin-turbo petrol engine, the maximum power of which is 720 hp (the maximum torque is 770 Nm). It was this engine that became the best engine in 2018. This engine that has been winning this title for 3 consecutive years. The advantage of the new Ferrari 488 Pista Spider over the coupe version is the fact that you can easily lower the roof and enjoy the vigorous roar of a powerful V8.

According to official data, for acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h it will take 2.85 seconds. The same result is with the coupe version. But before the speed of 200 km/h 488 Pista Spider can accelerate 0.4 seconds faster – in 8 seconds. The maximum speed of the coupe and the roadster is 340 km/h.

Due to the complicated design of the roof, the new Ferrari 488 Pista Spider is about 91 kilograms heavier than the coupe. The additional weight is compensated by the fact that some parts of the car are made of carbon fiber and aluminum.

Not so long ago, there was information that twice won in the Marathon Le Mans a Ferrari 275 P will be auctioned.

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