“Charged” BMW M5 CS sedan tested at the Nurburgring

“Charged” BMW M5 CS sedan tested at the Nurburgring

September 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW, despite the popularity of SUVs, is not going to give up its plans for powerful sedans. The Bavarians already have a hot M235i Gran Coupe. Next in line is a pumped-up sedan from the M-brand.

According to our foreign colleagues, this year BMW may present the M5 CS sedan, which will be one step higher than the powerful M5 Competition.

The future novelty was noticed during a test drive on the famous Nürburgring track. The fact that this is the M5 CS is indicated by the new front spoiler lip and a special spoiler on the boot lid. The test prototype appears to have a stiffer suspension. Because of it, the clearance has noticeably decreased.

The roar of the engine was not nearly as powerful as expected. It’s probably all about a special filter that makes the engines quieter. This is a tribute to the new requirements in Europe.

As for the engine recoil for a “charged” “four-door”, it can grow up to 650 hp.

On the same M5 Competition, the V8 engine produces 617 hp. The new sedan is also rumored to be lighter. It is possible that the novelty may enter the market in the form of a special edition with a limited edition. Such a sedan will cost more than a regular M5. In the USA, for example, they ask for a minimum of $ 103,500 for the 2021 model.

Previously, our portal said that the Porsche Panamera set a speed record for the Nurburgring race track. The most powerful modification of the sports fastback, unofficially known as Lion, went around a full circle in 7 minutes 29.81 seconds.