Charged Audi SQ3 completely unveiled in the network

Charged Audi SQ3 completely unveiled in the network

August 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sports version of the crossover Audi SQ3 is already preparing to enter the market, and now the first official images have appeared in the patent office base. In the exterior design, it is possible to note the new design of bumpers and wheel disks.

Only in late July we were shown a new version of the Audi Q3 crossover, but the company is not going to slow down, and immediately patented the design of the charged version of the SQ3. A new record on the registration of intellectual property appeared in the European Patent Office. Of course, live photos are not yet available to us, but the render shows a few interesting features.

One of the most noticeable changes was the new front bumper, which significantly added the number of air intakes. Also, the design of light alloy wheels has changed (probably for better aerodynamics or ventilation of the brake system). The rear also received changes, but less significant. And the changes are visible and in comparison with the previously seen test prototype – the four tips of the exhaust pipe are now hidden in the bumper.

According to preliminary information, the Audi SQ3 will only be introduced in 2019. And the most charged version of the crossover RS ​​Q3 can debut in the same year. Some experts assume that the presented renders of the future novelty can demonstrate exactly the older model, but the probability of this is extremely small. This is evidenced by the lack of traditional RS modifications-large oval exhaust tips.

In the test prototype SQ3, the front bumper coincides with the one in the figure, but there are fine-meshed meshes in the air intakes, which in theory would be more suitable for the RS Q3 version. But they can be temporary.

Nevertheless, new patent images show that the company is preparing to release a more powerful version of its own crossover. Under the hood SQ3 can be installed a new five-cylinder engine, which is already installed on the RS 3 Sportback. Thus, you can expect the emergence of a 2.5-liter turbo engine, which, presumably, the SQ3 will develop about 310 horsepower, and RS Q3 about 400 hp.