Charged Audi RS will be all-wheel drive

Charged Audi RS will be all-wheel drive

July 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rear-wheel drive for RS models will not be a priority.

The new Audi R8 is not a sign that the Audi brand wants to abandon the Quattro all-wheel drive. In 2016, the German manufacturer changed the name of its division from Audi Quattro to Audi Sport to offer the best sports models. It was assumed that the changes would open the way for front-wheel and rear-wheel drive versions of the RS models.

However, Rolf Michl, head of sales and marketing at Audi Sport, said the all-wheel drive system remains a priority for the company, as it provides high maneuverability and safety.

“We used rear-wheel drive in the latest version of the R8. But usually Quattro is part of our heritage. This means safe, agile and competitive driving. I do not hear any different opinions. We will adhere to our approach: Quattro is the main part of RS models, ”he said.

However, Rolf Michl said that the Audi R8 model is one of the most important cars in the portfolio of the German brand, specifying that this is a real “brand shaper”.

“Audi Sport is committed to the R8, and we are doing everything to get the concept for the future. The R8 has a lot in common with a race car, which should meet future expectations and, therefore, is a difficult decision, ”Michl said.

Audi Sport CEO Oliver Hoffmann previously confirmed that the next-generation R8 will be electrified, but a decision has yet to be made whether it will be hybrid or fully electric.