Changan engins are going to test in Europe

Changan engins are going to test in Europe

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The test center was inaugurated this week. It is located in the British city of Birmingham.

Changan motors will be tested in Europe. The power plant test center was located in Birmingham, UK, where its grand opening took place on November 12 at the company’s R&D center, reports Chinese Cars portal. At Birmingham, the choice fell on by chance. The development of the BlueCore 1.5T engine was carried out in a local research center of the Chinese brand. It is this engine that is currently receiving the Changan news – CS35 Plus and CS55 crossovers. In the company itself, characterizing the new engine, they point to three of its main qualities: power, noiselessness and environmental friendliness.

 Another reason to place a test center in the UK is due to the fact that this country is considered the birthplace of the industrial revolution. She does not take up talents, and there is always room for innovation.

 The new center will be able to test not only traditional ICEs, but also hybrids, as well as all-electric power plants. Interestingly, the opening of the center in Birmingham coincided with the release of the latest Blue Core NE 1.5T motor. The new generation engine fully meets the latest emission standards of China VI, and in the future it can be upgraded to Euro 7 requirements.

┬áThe engins has already been tested at different temperatures – from “plus” 80 to “minus” 45 degrees, and cars with it got to an altitude of 4,700 m above sea level. After all these road trials, the total mileage reached 1.4 million km.