Champion of Formula 1 asked Mercedes-Benz to switch to “vegan” interiors

Champion of Formula 1 asked Mercedes-Benz to switch to “vegan” interiors

December 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Lewis Hamilton believes that Mercedes should abandon genuine leather

The current champion of Formula 1, Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton asked Mercedes-Benz to stop using genuine leather in interior decoration. The athlete wants to convince the German concern to begin the process of transition to new synthetic and plant materials. Hamilton himself went vegan in 2017.

Hamilton admitted that he had already discussed with Mercedes-Benz management plans for the transition to “vegan” interiors and the concern’s refusal from genuine leather in car decoration. In an interview with the Malaysian edition of The Edge, Lewis emphasized that “he wants to change the world and make the future more positive.”

Recently, Lewis has earned a reputation as a convinced vegan: a six-time world champion considers the rejection of animal products “the best decision in his life after a contract with Mercedes.” The Briton is actively promoting a carbon-neutral lifestyle on social networks, as well as promoting the rejection of plastic products.

Lewis emphasizes that he did not always care about the environment, but over the years he rethought a lot, got rid of a private plane and abandoned everyday gasoline cars in favor of EQC electric cars.

If Mercedes-Benz follows Lewis’s advice, the German concern will become one of the automakers using artificial materials for interior decoration, along with Tesla and Bentley. For example, the Tesla Model S sedan cannot be ordered with a leather interior even as an option, and Audi plans to offer a “vegan” interior for the e-tron electric car.