Challenger Combo brings together the best of van and motorhome

Challenger Combo brings together the best of van and motorhome

January 31, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

RVs are usually large. Buyers want to feel as comfortable as possible on the road, hence the desire of automakers not to save on space. The French company Challenger has chosen a different path.

What’s wrong with a large house on wheels? It is spacious and equipped as well as a real apartment. Only now it is difficult to manage it: such transport is very cumbersome, which suffers from maneuverability. For a driver with little experience, driving such a clumsy colossus will hardly seem like an interesting adventure.

Challenger decided to combine the ease of driving a traditional van with the comfort of a real RV. The result is a curious model called the Challenger Combo X150 that falls into the van category. Fiat Ducato served as the basis for the novelty. Unlike similar models, the Combo gets a wider housing unit.

During the day, the living space is reserved for passenger seats, which can comfortably accommodate five people. All of them, by the way, are equipped with seat belts. Two beds for four people are provided for sleeping. In order not to clutter up the interior of the van, the berths were hidden in the ceiling. Inside the van, there was a place for a bathroom with a shower, a mirrored cabinet and a convenient storage system. Not without a compact, but very functional kitchen.

Also, the list of available equipment includes a diesel heater, water tanks, water heater, etc.
Light shades prevail in the car interior: they visually make the space wider. In general, it turned out to be a kind of studio apartment on wheels. Everything you need in its place, despite the lack of free space.

Official prices for the new product have not yet been disclosed. According to preliminary data, Combo X150 will cost at least 60 thousand euros

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