CEO Tesla still build another tunnel

CEO Tesla still build another tunnel

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Boring Company received approval for the construction of a tunnel in Las Vegas. It will run under the large conference center of the city. Last week, The Boring Company received a recommendation from the Las Vegas tourism agency to build a tunnel under one of the city’s convention centers. Now it became known that the company Elon Mask received a development permit.

The tunnel will be dug under the Convention Center, which is currently undergoing a major update: for CES 2021, the center is expected to cover 200 acres. The distance from one end of the center to the other will be about 3.2 kilometers, so it was decided to find a suitable transport solution for faster movement of visitors.

The Las Vegas travel agency, having considered a number of candidates, opted for the Musk company. The initial recommendation was approved, and now The Boring Company will develop the tunnel. According to preliminary information, the company will build an underground transportation system that can carry 11,000 passengers per hour.

Transportation will be carried out using high-speed autonomous electric shuttles to various stations of the center (in the future, perhaps, the system will be expanded and will go beyond the Convention Center,). Now The Boring Company will work with the city authorities to develop the final design of the system and prepare construction plans for final approval around June 2019.