Catastrophe – in Italy reacted to the defeat of Ferrari

Catastrophe – in Italy reacted to the defeat of Ferrari

March 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the results of the winter tests, many called Ferrari favorites of the new season, but the first race in Melbourne put everything in its place – Mercedes won double, Max Verstappen on Red Bull-Honda climbed to the podium, and Ferrari racers finished fourth and fifth. The famous Italian journalist Leo Turini criticized Ferrari for its startless start to the season.

“A scandalous disgrace is not only the name of the film, but also the words that can describe the performance of Ferrari,” writes Turini. – At first I did not want to believe in what happened. Of course, the test results in Barcelona could be misinterpreted, but there is a limit to everything. In Melbourne, Ferrari did not have the power, traction, stability – nothing. Even the disastrous season of 2014 did not start so badly.

In Melbourne, we saw a disaster. You can refer to external factors that played against the team – features of the track, temperature, koalas, crocodiles and kangaroos, but the SF90 was slower than even Red Bull with Japanese engines.

Racers? Vettel and Leclaire did everything they could. Sebastian had difficulties, and at the end of the race he escaped overtaking from the partner. All weekend Seb seemed depressed, because the speed was below expectations. When he told the team on the radio that he did not understand why he was going so slowly, I felt sorry for him.

The speed of Mercedes met my expectations. The size of their advantage is due to the fact that Ferrari showed nothing in Australia. The victory of Bottas is comparable to the revolt of Spartacus. Hamilton was not thrilled, and I do not rule out that he already sees the ghost of Nico Rosberg.

Verstappen did his job. Kimi brought Alfa Romeo glasses – he didn’t count on anything more. Giovinazzi deserved more than Kubica. ”