Cars “teach” to collect data on the health of the owner

Cars “teach” to collect data on the health of the owner

October 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The time is not far off when cars will be able to collect and transmit data on the health of their owners. The authors of the innovation project will be the experts of the Avtonet Scientific and Technical Institute.

Ultimately, an effective system will be set up to collect “near-car” information: on the physical condition of the owner of the car, features of transport operation, road conditions (taking into account the quality of roads and weather), as well as geographical data. At present, specialized companies are engaged in collecting such information, but there is no common database.

According to the authors of the project, the necessary information can be obtained from “insurers” or using V2X technologies that ensure the exchange of information between cars, other road users and infrastructure.

The amount of “daily” information that a car can collect, according to experts, is set at around 4 terabytes or more. The collected data, including those obtained online, in particular, will be the basis for statistical research. It is noted that the project will require the development of a special legal regime – on a grant or preferential basis.

The creation of such a “cloud” database has already been supported by a number of interested companies and departments. Among them are the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), the Ministry of Education and Science, and others. Today, the project is undergoing approval, and the launch of its development is scheduled for next year.