Cars from the show Fast & Furious Live are sent to the auction

Cars from the show Fast & Furious Live are sent to the auction

January 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Cars used in the Fast & Furious Live show are auctioned after the show last year faced financial difficulties.

Some time ago, after the release of the first parts of Fast & Furious, Fast & Furious Live was created. According to the creators, the show will recreate the most exciting scenes from different parts of the popular franchise.

 So, not so long ago it became known that the owners of the show decided to sell off all the cars that participated in it. Cars will be sold at auction.

The car show, which may have been one of the best in its history, toured Europe in 2018 and should have acquired global status this year. But no, something the guys did not go according to plan and now they are faced with some financial difficulties. Well, in order to somehow improve their position, it was decided to sell all the equipment used in the show, including all cars. The property will be sold at an online auction.

Among the proposed lots – frame car with the engine Chevrolet LS (Fast and Furious 6) and the original Nissan 350Z (Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift). Both are available with starting rates of 10,000 pounds sterling and 20,000 pounds sterling, respectively. At the auction is also expected to replica Lamborghini with the engine Jaguar V6, used in the eighth film of the series, again with a starting rate of 20,000 pounds sterling.