Carlos Sainz: The season starts again in Barcelona

Carlos Sainz: The season starts again in Barcelona

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the first European stage of the season, all teams traditionally bring new items, Carlos Sainz believes that everything will start anew in Spain …

Carlos Sainz: “In Barcelona, ​​the season begins anew, we can say that before that we have seen many tests. Last year, only in Spain, the alignment of forces became clear. The teams will bring new items, everyone is looking forward to this start, in order to set the tone for the remaining races with a good performance.

As a rule, the Grand Prix of Spain is the first race where you can change the trends prevailing at the beginning of the year. We hope that McLaren will reduce the gap from the top teams, and Ferrari closer to Mercedes. In Baku, I earned my first points in the season – by the way, I hope this was a turning point for the season for me.

At the Grand Prix of Spain has a rich history, this stage should definitely be visited at least once in a lifetime. I recommend it with all my heart. I am glad that this year there is once again a tribune for Carlos Sainz – and all the tickets for it have already been sold. I hope that in the future the organizers will continue negotiations with me, and everything will be successful. ”