Carlos Sainz pleased with progress McLaren

Carlos Sainz pleased with progress McLaren

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Carlos Sainz headed the protocol of the sixth day of tests in Barcelona, ​​passing a lap of 1: 17,144. The Spaniard is pleased with the progress of McLaren, but I am sure that the leaders’ cars are much faster.

Carlos Sainz “1: 17.1 is a good time for Barcelona, ​​but I believe that Red Bull and Ferrari can be much faster. However, I want to note an important feature of these tests – every day when I go to the track, I notice that our car adds to the speed. Progress is clear.

In recent days, the balance has become better, which allowed to squeeze more out of the car. The team works fine, understands the causes of recent ones with a balance – and gradually corrects them.

There is a long season ahead, in the course of which we want to add in all areas. The team is still not in the positions it wants to be, but we are working on it.

Until Australia, we will not see the real speeds of the machines, while it is difficult to predict how good progress we have achieved or to add more to our opponents. The first impression is that we have made a good step forward, the engine has become better, and the team is moving in the right direction. ”