Carlos Sainz missed a victory in a virtual race in the Spa

Carlos Sainz missed a victory in a virtual race in the Spa

March 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Last Friday, Carlos Sainz showed himself well in virtual racing competitions organized by the Madrid sports newspaper Marca. The rivals of the McLaren pilot were both Spaniards, who at one time played professionally in various racing series, in particular, Roldan Rodriguez and Lucas Ordonez, as well as masters of e-sports.

For the competition, a racing simulator based on the PlayStation 4 was used, and they passed in four stages on four different tracks, and the participants had to pilot not only Formula 1 cars, but also GT class sports cars.

Carlos was close to winning the final at the virtual circuit in Spa, but in the second half of the race he missed his chance when he flew off the track in the Pouhon turn and ended up finishing only fifth.

Nevertheless, in four races he went up to the podium three times, showed a fighting character, endurance and composure, because the competition lasted two and a half hours.

“In my opinion, it was necessary to fight on the track more than in the whole previous year!” – McLaren racer commented cheerfully.