Carlos Sainz: McLaren is better prepared than in past years

Carlos Sainz: McLaren is better prepared than in past years

March 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At an event organized by the sponsors of Carlos Sainz from Estrella Galicia 0’0 in Madrid, McLaren driver was optimistic about the shape of the team before the start of the season.

Carlos Sainz: “Our project with McLaren is designed for the future, but in the winter tests we were well prepared for the start of the season, we drove 873 laps for two. The team is better prepared than in previous years, we are comfortable with the new machine and know which areas need to be added. This adds confidence, although now we have no idea what the balance of forces will be.

It seems that Ferrari is a little ahead, Mercedes and Red Bull in the group of the strongest. We lag behind the leaders for about a second, but we need patience – they have been in this form for many years, and we have to gradually play the backlog. The form of Renault, Alfa Romeo and Racing Point is difficult to judge, we do not know what cars they bring to Melbourne, and how fast they will be.

Motorists Renault were able to add, I hope, a more powerful power plant will allow us in Melbourne to be closer to the top three. I can not imagine what the result will be in Australia, but I feel comfortable in the new car, I am confident in it and will attack.

Surprises are always possible. Last year, Haas F1 cars were fast, now they are again able to surprise. The difference between the teams of the middle group is minimal, the results are tight, so the struggle will be intense.

McLaren has a lot of experience in finalizing the car in the course of the season, we are waiting for the emergence of new products that will allow us not to give in to our rivals and add in speed. ”