Carlos Sainz: It’s time to return to the race!

Carlos Sainz: It’s time to return to the race!

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The McLaren is optimistic about the continuation of the season – ahead of the race in the Spa …

Carlos Sainz: “It was nice to relax a bit, see family and friends after the busy first part of the season. Everyone in the team deserved this vacation, and now it’s time to return to the race!

We want to maintain a high level of performances, to fight for the maximum possible positions in both counts. There are still a lot of races until the end of the season – I’m sure we can enjoy an interesting fight in the middle group of teams.

The Belgian circuit is one of my favorites on the calendar of Formula 1. This weekend I like everything. The unique location of the track, Eau Rouge and Radillion, fans create a fantastic atmosphere. One of the best weekends of the season – and we are ready for it! ”

Lando Norris: “I look forward to getting behind the wheel with excitement. It was great to relax and gain strength, now I’m ready to fight again. I will give all the best in the remaining races and together with my engineers I will do everything to prepare well and achieve the maximum possible results even on unfamiliar tracks.

I spoke at the Spa many times, and last year I participated in the first session of Formula 1 free races, and in Formula 2 I got on the podium. Here I am ready to start work from the first round. An amazing track, one of my favorites – I look forward to the weekend. ”

Andreas Seidl, team leader: “The summer break allowed us to relax a bit and relax, to see family and friends, but now we are fully focused on work, ready to continue the fight in the second part of the season and want to maintain a high level of performance. To do this, it is important to achieve the maximum in racing in everything, including strategy, pit stops and machine reliability.

The struggle of the teams of the middle group will be intense until the end of the season, so it is extremely important to provide our riders with the best chances to earn points every weekend. We want to maintain the [fourth] position in the Cup of designers and consolidate the trend of progress. The results of the struggle of the middle group teams will be determined at the base of the teams and on the track, where Carlos and Lando still did an excellent job. It’s important to progress as a team. ”