Carlos Sainz: Friday left mixed emotions

Carlos Sainz: Friday left mixed emotions

September 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Friday at Spa was not easy for McLaren. If in the morning training Carlos Sainz managed to show the tenth time, then in the second session both riders of the British team were outside the top ten.

Carlos Sainz (11th): “Friday left mixed emotions. In the first training session, I was pleased with the behavior of the machine and how the session went – we were fast, the MCL34 was driving very well. But in the second training session it was more difficult, there were problems with balance and lack of grip. You need to figure out the reasons to work better on Saturday. As usual, our goal is to break into the qualification finals. ”

Lando Norris (15th): “The day went well, we completed all the planned tasks, though the behavior of the machine from session to session has changed a lot, which we did not expect.

Against the background of rivals, we lacked speed, so at night we need to analyze everything. I am pleased with the way we acted, but in terms of pace clearly needs to be added. We will make every effort and try to find the right solution by Saturday. ”

Andrea Stella, chief racing engineer: “In the Spa, you need to carefully approach the choice of the angle of attack of the rear wing and other settings, since the level of adhesion to the track is generally low and the surface itself is uneven in some places. In addition to the usual tests of aerodynamics and tires, it was precisely the work with the settings that we paid special attention to.

It’s difficult to talk about competitiveness against the background of rivals, since in a Spa, the result on a circle strongly depends on the engine power and the amount of fuel in the tanks. But it’s quite obvious that we need to do some work – over night we will try to find solutions that, I want to believe, will make it to the qualification finals and earn points in the race. ”