Carlos Ghosn’s wife left Japan

Carlos Ghosn’s wife left Japan

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Carol Ghosn flew from Japan to Paris after a new arrest of her husband. From there, she appealed to the French government for help due to the harsh bail conditions. “You could see the fear in his eyes. He asks for help. I’m going to be where I can help him, ”said Carol Ghosn about her husband. She also noted that the previous 108-day detention of Ghosn made him “a different person.”

The prosecutor’s office called Carol Ghosn for voluntary interrogation as a witness, but Carlos Ghosn’s wife did not appear. Then the prosecutor appealed to the court for questioning. Carol Ghosn’s Lebanese passport was confiscated during a search of Ghosn’s apartment, but the American passport could not be found.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested under new suspicions of trying to get rich at the expense of Nissan. The prosecutor’s office allowed him to use only one computer, which is located in the office of his lawyer, and one telephone. According to his lawyer, Takashi Takano, it was also stated in the conditions of release on bail that he must hand over his passport, have a camera controlling the doorway in his apartment, and keep records of his telephone calls and the people he meets with, in addition to his family and lawyers.

On Sunday, NHK, a Japanese public broadcaster, reported: prosecutors suspect that Ghosn made part of the payments through the company, where his wife is the manager to pay for her new yacht and boat.

According to Japanese law, prosecutors will be able to detain the former chairman of Nissan for up to 22 days without being charged. The new arrest opens the possibility of re-interrogation without the presence of a lawyer, which is the norm in Japan.