Carlos Ghosn’s wife appeals to the French government to help her husband

Carlos Ghosn’s wife appeals to the French government to help her husband

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After the recent re-arrest of Carlos Ghosn in Japan, his wife went to Paris to ask the French government to help him.

Speaking to The Financial Times, Carol Ghosn said the French government should help her husband. “As a citizen of France, he must have this right.” Carlos Ghosn is a citizen of France, Lebanon and Brazil and denies all the charges against him. Earlier, Ghosn headed Renault, which is affiliated with the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance and partly owned by the French government.

The former executive director was taken into custody at the end of last week on suspicion that part of the sum of $ 34.2 million helped pay for the yacht he bought.

Gon says that he will not be “broken” by the last arrest. Prosecutors in Japan tried to interrogate Carlos’ wife, Carol Ghosn, and even confiscated her Lebanese passport.

 “I’m alone here. If my husband is imprisoned, and I am here, I will not be useful to you. I’m going to France … and I will be more useful where I can, ”she said before leaving for Paris.

The Japanese authorities may detain Ghosn for up to 22 days before being charged. There are fears that he may be questioned without the presence of a lawyer, which is common in Japan.

 Shortly after Ghosn’s re-arrest, his lawyer, Takashi Takano, described in detail the various conditions of release on bail. According to Takano, Ghosn was forced to have the camera control the doorway of his apartment, and agreed to record all his phone calls and conversations. He was also instructed to use only one computer and one telephone.