Carlos Ghosn summoned for questioning to Lebanese prosecutor’s office

Carlos Ghosn summoned for questioning to Lebanese prosecutor’s office

January 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Attorney General Hasan Uweidat summoned former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn for questioning Thursday in Beirut

The ex-head of Nissan Carlos Ghosn was summoned for questioning by the Prosecutor General of Lebanon Hasan Uweidat. This was reported by the local news agency NNA. According to him, the interrogation call is related to the charges brought by Ghosn in Japan, as well as his visit to Israel in 2018. Interrogation will take place in Beirut on January 9th.

Former head of the automaker Nissan Carlos Ghosn violated the terms of the pledge and left Japan on December 31. He explained his decision by “political persecution.” He also emphasized that he was not going to remain “captive to the unjust Japanese judicial system.”

Ghosn is currently in Lebanon. This country and Japan do not have an extradition agreement. At a press conference, Ghosn openly accused Nissan’s leadership that the case against him was fabricated with the help of the Japanese government. He called everything that happened political persecution and a gross violation of human rights.

The head of the Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi alliance, Carlos Ghosn, who was suspected of tax evasion, was arrested last fall. At the beginning of 2019, Ghosn announced that he linked his arrest by the Japanese authorities on charges of tax evasion with the “conspiracy and treason” of top managers of Nissan. According to Ghosn, Nissan’s top management opposed his initiative to further deepen the merger of the three partner companies. The issue of uniting automakers into one holding company was discussed with Nissan President Hiroto Saikawa, who, in turn, refused to include Osama Masuko, the head of Mitsubishi Motors, in the discussion.

Ghosn in Japan was threatened with at least 10 years in prison and a large fine. In this country, acquittals are almost never issued on charges against him.