Carlos Ghosn sued Nissan and Mitsubishi for 15 million euros

Carlos Ghosn sued Nissan and Mitsubishi for 15 million euros

July 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Carlos Ghosn sued Nissan and Mitsubishi, demanding compensation for the damage caused to him. A hearing date has not yet been scheduled.

Carlos Ghosn sued Nissan and Mitsubishi, claiming damages in the amount of 15 million euros. Foreign publication Reuters reports that the lawsuit was filed with the district court in Amsterdam (Netherlands), and is still pending, that is, the date of the trial has not yet been fixed.

 “In the Netherlands, if you want to dismiss a leader, you must first tell him what he is accused of, and you must provide him with evidence for the charges. None of this has happened, ”said Carlos Gona’s lawyer Lauren de Graaff, in an interview with the Dutch newspaper NRC.

Carlos Ghosn was in prison in Japan since November last year, when he was fired by Nissan on charges of financial misconduct. The former executive director of the Japanese brand has repeatedly insisted that he is innocent, and claims that he is the victim of a conspiracy of “disguised” colleagues.

For their part, the companies Nissan and Mitsubishi claim that Mr. Gon improperly received compensation in the amount of $ 9 million. He emerged from a Japanese prison in April, when he pledged $ 4.5 million.

Although Carlos Ghosn has French, Lebanese, and Brazilian citizenship, in 2012 he chose the Netherlands as the tax residency. In addition, the holding company of the Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is registered in the same country.

 Deputy Chief Prosecutor Shin Kukimoto says that Mr. Gon faces 15 years in prison and a $ 1.4 million fine if he is convicted on all 15 counts.