Carlos Ghosn fled Japan to avoid injustice

Carlos Ghosn fled Japan to avoid injustice

November 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The former head of Nissan considered the Japanese legal system to be corrupt, but continues to declare his innocence.

Former Nissan and Renault chief Carlos Ghosn said he escaped house arrest in Japan and fled to Lebanon “to avoid injustice.” A 66-year-old man with French, Lebanese and Brazilian nationalities was detained by Japanese authorities in 2018 on charges of financial fraud related to his work at Nissan. But in December last year, he escaped from house arrest and is now in Beirut.

In an interview with The Sunday Times to promote his new book, Ghosn elaborated on his outlandish escape, which included a private plane tucked away in a musical speaker case. He told the newspaper that he took a “huge risk” because he wanted to fight injustice.

“There is a good phrase in English that says,” When you live in hell, keep walking. ” I lived in hell. Endless interrogations in prison, no lawyers. They said that if I do not confess, they will attack my family. I was not allowed to see [wife] Carol and my children. I would face a trial lasting at least five years, when everyone would remind me that Japanese prosecutors had a 99.4% conviction rate. I had to go – not to escape justice, but to avoid injustice, ”said Ghosn.

Carlos Ghosn went on to declare his innocence in interviews, saying the charges were brought by Nissan executives to prevent him from potentially pushing through a full merger with Renault.

The former head of the auto company noted that they wanted to “completely exclude me from sight – that meant putting me in jail.” He added: “Japan has become nationalist. There was talk of “re-japonization” of Nissan. “

In a statement, Nissan told The Sunday Times that it “conducted a serious and thorough internal investigation with outside lawyers,” which found “substantial and compelling evidence” that Ghosn “willfully committed a serious misconduct.”