Carlin Dunn dies during the 2018 Pikes Peak race

Carlin Dunn dies during the 2018 Pikes Peak race

July 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Dunn piloted the prototype of the new Streetfighter V4, he was preparing to set another record and win the fifth title. Unfortunately, he was unable to pass the finish line.

On June 30, tragedy struck Pikes Peak. Famous racer team “Ducati”, the king of the mountain Carlin Dunn fell from a motorcycle in a few seconds from the finish. Later confirmed that Dunn, unfortunately, died from his injuries.

The rider had every opportunity to break the record set in 2012. Then he passed the race in ten minutes. In total, he earned four titles Pikes Peak and intended to get the fifth. In fact, Dunn completed the first three stages of climbing the mountain in the shortest possible time, which allowed him to set a new speed record and earn a fifth victory in the race.

 What should have been an exciting event for the team, demonstrating a brand new model based on the Panigale V4 engine, has become a tragedy. A quarter of a mile before his name went down in history, Dunn fell from a motorcycle. According to eyewitnesses, there was a blow and the front wheel of the motorcycle took off. Those who attended the event confirmed that the road to the top in some places was indeed in poor condition.

 The race was interrupted for more than an hour, and this is a clear sign that something has gone wrong, say the veterans of this event. “When Pikes Peak is delayed by a few minutes, you become afraid of the worst,” explains Bradley Brownell from Jalopnik.

There are no details about the accident and moreover, they did not say a word about it at the event until Ducati North America released an official statement confirming that the 36-year-old racer died on the track.