Carlex Design has developed a luxurious wooden interior for the Mercedes-AMG G63

Carlex Design has developed a luxurious wooden interior for the Mercedes-AMG G63

April 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The well-known tuning studio Carlex Design has developed a rather unusual interior for the powerful German SUV Mercedes-AMG G63. “The interior will appeal to lovers of luxury and marine style,” the press release said.

Models of the sports division of Mercedes-AMG have always harmoniously combined luxury and incredible performance. However, the guys from the Carlex Design studio decided that the iconic car deserves more and presented a luxurious wooden interior for the SUV. The project was called G-Yachting Limited Edition. According to the company, this salon was created for “lovers of luxury and marine style.”

 Carlex announced a German SUV with an unusual interior on its page on the social network Facebook – several images were published with two-tone, silver and matte bodies and large 22-inch wheels.

Atelier specialists replaced several components of the factory decoration with their own, using two color schemes. One of them is a bright white-gray interior with a light wood. Seats, ceiling upholstery and center console in white with a silver-gray dashboard. On the steering wheel, door panels and dashboard there are elements of light brown wood.

 Another interior uses darker materials with deep rich brown hues, which are used on the seats, ceiling lining and dashboard. They also harmonize with wooden elements of the interior.

 In any case, the SUV receives wooden cargo compartments, which are located behind the seats of the second row. By the way, wood trim is also present on the front steps. Inside, there is an embossed G-Yachting emblem.

 Carlex has not announced the price of the new package, although the factory AMG G63 2020 release costs $ 156,450