Carbon fiber Ford Mustang Eleanor estimated at $ 300 000

Carbon fiber Ford Mustang Eleanor estimated at $ 300 000

September 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Ford Mustang Eleanor from the 2000 Gone in 60 Seconds remake has been copied many times, but Classic Recreations and Shelby American take it to the next level. The two companies announced last week that they are teaming up to create a carbon-fiber replica of the Eleanor dubbed the Shelby GT500CR.

Unveiled in May, the carbon fiber body was designed by Classic Recreations with input from the SpeedKore Performance Group, which previously built the 1970 carbon fiber Dodge Charger and the carbon fiber Challenger Demon. According to Classic Recreations, the Mustang’s body is mounted on the original steel structure of a 1967 or 1968 donor car, with the finished product weighing approximately 270 kg less than standard.

Responsible for the performance is a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 supercharged Whipple Stage 2 engine producing 810 horsepower, according to Shelby. Torque is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission.

Other modern upgrades include Wilwood brakes (6-piston front, 4-piston slotted, perforated and zinc-plated rear calipers), rack and pinion steering conversion and adjustable front and rear suspension. The car is equipped with 18-inch aluminum wheels from American Racing with Michelin Z tires, measuring 225/40/18 at the front and 315/30/18 at the rear.

This is not the first copy of Eleanor from Classic Recreations. In 2008, the company released a more accurate replica of the “movie car” with a steel body. The latest carbon fiber Mustang has the same styling cues as previous Eleanor cues, but isn’t marketed as a replica of the movie car.

Production is limited to 25 vehicles at a price of $ 298,000 for each Shelby GT500CR. With the order books open, production at Shelby American’s Las Vegas facility is expected to take 12-18 months, depending on the level of customization desired. Upon delivery of each vehicle, Classic Recreations will make a donation to the Carroll Shelby Foundation.