Car market in France showed a record drop in April

Car market in France showed a record drop in April

May 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The main reason was the coronavirus epidemic, due to which most dealerships in the country were closed.

Experts shared data on sales of new cars in the French car market in April 2020. Already in March, due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the car market was seriously reduced, and in April a new anti-record was set. In total, in April, sales amounted to 21 thousand units, which is 90% less than last year’s result for the same period. In April 2019, French dealers were able to sell 188.2 thousand new cars. Recall that at the end of March, the market drop amounted to 72%.

Experts believe that in total in March-April of this year, the French fleet was missing about 330 thousand new cars.

The downward trend in sales will continue in May, despite the gradual weakening of quarantine measures. Most experts agree that by the end of May, sales will not exceed 100 thousand units. with last year’s figure of 194 thousand units.