Car locks will be mandatory in Europe

Car locks will be mandatory in Europe

November 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The European Council is going to oblige all auto concerns to install stationary breathalyzers in their cars from 2022.

To reduce the accident rate on European roads, by 2022 they are going to introduce a couple of new mandatory functions for new cars. So, after 3 years, automakers will have to equip their own cars with locks from the conveyor, a system that controls the motorist’s fatigue, and the alert option for emergency braking.

“From the middle of 2022, all new cars available on the European market will have to have advanced security systems,” the statement emphasizes.

 After 2 years, owners of old cars will be obliged to equip their own cars with locks. It is worth emphasizing that back in March last year, the EU authorities for the first time came forward with a demand for all European countries to equip professional vehicles with breathalyzers.