Car enthusiasts actively criticize Tesla autopilot

Car enthusiasts actively criticize Tesla autopilot

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Researchers are finding an autonomous vehicle control system, which is now integrated into Tesla’s electric cars, which are excessively distracting and intrusive. “So far, she is not ready to fulfill her task, but it’s still a revolution in a technical sense.”

Of course, the current version of the autonomous control system is far from perfect, but can it be as bad as everyone says about it? Do you remember the time when you were a novice driver? If so, then you understand what it is to treat the difficulties associated with driving instruction. This, of course, is no easy task.

Nervous student driver? This is how the Autoline guys describe the autopilot functionality after two separate tests of the fully electric Model 3 sedan.

Autoline is trying to say that, in fact, the Autopilot from the American brand is a system that requires the driver’s built participation in driving, and this is exactly what a level 2 autonomous driving system is. This is by no means a completely autonomous driving and should not be considered even close to that.

Researchers say: “… we still find Tesla’s autopilot very distracting, nervous and intrusive.” A rather vague general statement, however, Autoline continues to praise the system as a “technical achievement”, which so far is “not ready for independent use”. They separately declare that the autopilot is an aid to the driver, and not his complete replacement at the moment.