Canadian Inkas has built an armored minibus

Canadian Inkas has built an armored minibus

October 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

All-wheel drive Inkas Superior APC/AMEV capable of carrying up to 14 people

Canadian company Inkas, specializing in the construction of armored vehicles, introduced a multi-purpose SUV that can be used as an armored personnel carrier or medical evacuation vehicle. The car is designed for search and rescue operations in remote areas.

Armored Inkas Superior APC/AMEV can carry up to 14 people or two crew members and six wounded. The modular platform Inkas allows the SUV to be equipped with various specific equipment: a ramp with a hydraulic drive, a thermal imager or a night vision system. The car can be used by law enforcement, paramilitary and peacekeeping forces.

The 15-ton Inkas Superior APC/AMEV is equipped with a 8.7-liter in-line diesel “six” with a capacity of 330 horsepower and 1286 Nm of torque. The unit is combined with the five-speed automatic transmission Alison 3000. The drive is complete with a transfer case capable of transmitting up to 13,543 Nm of torque to the wheels. The maximum speed of an SUV is 130 kilometers per hour.

Inkas introduced the Sentry MPV armored SUV with a 50-centimeter ground clearance in May. Inkas Sentry MPV is built on the APC multi-purpose armored vehicle platform, but offers more customization options, including through the location of the seats.

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