Canadian electric sedan plans to enter the global market

Canadian electric sedan plans to enter the global market

February 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Canadian startup Maple Majestic is set to launch its all-electric sedan for the global market.

Maple Majestic may be a new name, but there is more behind it. The AK Motor company behind this new brand was founded in Canada, then moved to Poland and has now returned to its homeland. In 2016, she showed off an electric car inspired by the Polish FSO Syrena. In the meantime, founder Arkadiusz Kaminski turned his attention back to Canada and founded a brand called Maple Majestic. This brand, in turn, comes from the AK Motor CANU (Canadian Automotive New Utilities) project.

The new brand appeared unexpectedly and was not widely distributed on the Internet, but in the press release it showed itself to be quite ambitious. It aims to become the “global flagship of the Canadian auto industry.” Maple Majestic kicks off with a series of computer renders featuring the brand’s firstborn, an unnamed electric car, clearly paying homage to the aforementioned Syrena.

It may not look very professional yet, but there is a pretty “overarching vision” behind this car. AK Motor says Maple Majestic has some “tweaks” that should improve the usability of the electric vehicle. To begin with, the vehicle’s ground clearance can be adjusted quite a bit from 14 to 29 cm, which will allow the model to feel great on rough terrain or on snow. In addition, the model has an impressive wheelbase of 3.1 meters.

The body design is as streamlined as possible to not only reduce air resistance, but also, according to AK Motor, make it useful for city traffic. Rounded corners and short overhangs, according to the company, “make parking and maneuvering easier.” According to AK Motor, this is “not just a sedan”, but a “four-door supercar”.

It is not yet known if the car provides such performance. In fact, it looks like Maple Majestic doesn’t have its own drive and battery technology yet. AK Motor describes the brand as “an initiative that Canada’s suppliers must take, and for their own good.” They want to equip the car with as much Canadian technology as possible and hope the government will respond to that as well.

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