Can you make Fiat Multipla look better?

Can you make Fiat Multipla look better?

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Italian compact minivan Fiat Multipla certainly can not be called a beautiful car, especially its first part. An independent artist tried to correct the mistakes of Fiat designers and it looks like he did it, but …

Each person will have his answer to the question “what is the most beautiful car in the world.” Some claim that the Italian Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan is ideal for this role, while others may choose the MX-5 Miata Japanese roadster (or anything else from Mazda). With a variety of answers, one thing is certain: there is no definite answer.

However, if you ask the question which car you think is the most unattractive in the world, there are far fewer possible answers. A quick search on Google for “the ugliest cars in the world” in most cases shows the Italian compact van Fiat Multipla.

There is a view of its first version – since 2004, the designers still changed the very ambiguous exterior of the machine to a more familiar one.

Some cars can be fancy to such an extent (in terms of their appearance) that they excite the interest of people who see them, forcing them to discuss this car. But apparently this does not apply to the Fiat Multipla – probably few people will argue with the fact that this machine turned out to be “nasty”.

While some say that redesigning the Multipla exterior is simply not possible, an independent designer from the Youtube channel TheSketchMonkey showed that not everything is so bad. It was he who, in my opinion, successfully modernized the Datsun 240Z. Although the final sketch still looks rather strange, the converted Fiat Multipla still looked much more pleasant.

We must pay tribute to the artist – of course it was not an easy job.