Can a new Toyota Yaris hatchback be renamed the Mazda 2?

Can a new Toyota Yaris hatchback be renamed the Mazda 2?

January 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the most recent data, under the current partnership between Mazda and Toyota, the Toyota Yaris sedan can turn into a hatchback.

In the near future, a new hatchback Toyota Yaris may appear, although in this case the “new” may not be entirely accurate definition. According to the guys from the foreign edition of Car and Driver, the Japanese automaker can present a completely new model for 2020, but in fact it could be the Mazda2 hatchback, or rather its modified version.

The automaker already has a partnership with Mazda for the Yaris sedan, which was called the Scion iA in North America.

When the production of the Scion model was discontinued in 2015, it was renamed Yaris iA, and then became the Yaris sedan of the current model year. However, under the nameplates of Toyota actually hides the Mazda2, assembled in Mexico.

That’s what the brand spokesmen say about it. “We will not offer the Yaris 2019 model year liftback for sale in the United States, but we will continue to sell the 2019 Yaris sedan model year, which was built in Mexico in partnership with Mazda. We are working on something new, and this new product will be presented as a model of the 2020 model year – the show will be held at the New York Auto Show. ”

It should be noted that the Yaris hatchback is essentially a completely different vehicle than the sedan. It was built in France and manufactured by Toyota since 2013. Well, the Mazda2 was created in 2014.