Can a Ford F-250 diesel pickup pull an electric Tesla Model X crossover?

Can a Ford F-250 diesel pickup pull an electric Tesla Model X crossover?

December 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Enthusiasts from The Zunigas team decided to check who is more powerful – a full-size Ford F-250 pickup equipped with a powerful diesel engine and all-wheel drive system, or a fully electric Tesla Model X crossover?

Until we saw the long-awaited confrontation between the full-size Ford F-150 truck and the recently introduced Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck with an all-electric installation, we can appreciate the competition in which the Tesla Model X electric crossover and the all-wheel drive Ford F-250 diesel truck take part.

When Tesla unveiled its shocking and rather ambitious Cybertruck truck, the company’s press service posted a video demonstrating how an electric pickup truck quite easily pushes up on a full-size Ford F-150 truck in a tug of war competition. I must say that we had some questions about the honesty of that race. But in any case, Tesla CEO Elon Musk agreed to repeat this power test later.

The official rematch has not yet taken place and may not happen at all, but there are enough enthusiasts in the world who will not wait long and take advantage of every opportunity to contrast one of the Tesla models with Ford pickups.

The published Video (skip right to the 3:30 mark) clearly shows us that the all-wheel-drive diesel truck Ford F-250 can easily pull an electric crossover. Perhaps, more importantly, the truck driver activated the “lowered” four-wheel drive, giving him the best chance of winning.

The video shows several races and each of them has its own result. On the first of these, Model X, with its instantaneous torque, wins the match. To make the second attempt a little fairer (or, as some say, unfair), the diesel truck first picks up speed, while holding the brake, and when the pedal is released, the F-250 easily triumphs.