Camper Titan Vans turned into an ideal motorhome for skiers and surfers

Camper Titan Vans turned into an ideal motorhome for skiers and surfers

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Today, in order to maintain their position in the campers market, manufacturers are experimenting with size. The company from Colorado went even further by personalizing its campers as much as possible for each specific client.

Compact “houses” on wheels have recently outstripped overall campers in popularity. They are not inferior to them in comfort, but have greater mobility. To shut up competitors, manufacturers not only reduce the size of their machines, but also equip them with useful accessories. The American company Titan Vans showed a camper with the Skier / Surfer package, created specifically for skiers and surfers. The modular design used here by Titan Vans allows the installation of removable ski racks and surfboards. This is a simple and practical addition that will appeal to many customers planning a van purchase.

 At the same time, the Titan Vans Classic tourist house, supplemented by a new package, did not lose its usual functions: an abundance of hanging cabinets for storing various useful trifles, racks, as well as a water heater, a bed, a kitchen unit and an outdoor shower, writes

 Also, this van, which is considered an ideal base camp, is equipped with a 300-watt solar panel on the roof, USB and a 120-volt AC outlet. Despite the rather Spartan interior, the Titan Vans has a completely non-budget price tag. A standard Classic camper in the USA costs about $ 35,000. You will have to pay $ 8,210 for a Skier / Surfer package. As a result, the final price tag exceeds 43 thousand dollars