Camcon Automotive introduced technology to save the engine

Camcon Automotive introduced technology to save the engine

December 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to some analysts of the internal combustion engine go down in history. This is not a fast process, however electrification can completely replace fossil fuel engines, but it is possible that the output is represented – a fully electronic valve without a crankshaft.

Automobiles with ICE can gradually become a thing of the past, making room for electric-powered vehicles, as well as alternative fuel. So far there is no tendency to this, and the models on electric power rather look like expensive toys, but this may change later. Some companies are still looking for a breakthrough in technologies that will save the internal combustion engine, and it seems that Camcon Automotive has found one of them.

Its prototype engine uses digitally controlled valves that can work individually without being connected to the crankshaft. Instead, each valve has its own small camshaft, driven by an electric motor. The company calls this system Intelligent Valve Technology and believes that it allows you to more precisely control the lift and duration of the valve.

Theoretically, IVT technology should provide the ideal fuel-air mixture depending on the performance of the car. For example, at full load, it must adapt to a more aggressive mixture, while in cruising conditions, the timing of the gas distribution must ensure the maximum possible fuel economy.

Camcon has been testing and tuning its system for thousands of hours, and progress has already been made in reducing CO2 emissions on the Jaguar Ingenium engine under test.