Californians banned from repairing their own cars

Californians banned from repairing their own cars

July 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Repairing your car in your garage is now illegal.

As is known, there are quite a few very strange laws in the USA. But in Sacramento County, in the heart of the state of California, lawmakers attacked the sacred: residents were forbidden to repair their own cars in their own garages!

Now almost any repair of your car, which you do on your own territory, in Sacramento is illegal. Is it really lobbied local auto service? According to the official version, this is, of course, about ecology. Allegedly, chemicals used in car repairs can pollute the soil and water, thereby adversely affecting the health of Californians.

Therefore, in Sacramento, now even in your own garage you cannot perform virtually any repair and maintenance work on a car, including such simple operations as changing oil and filters, brake pads, suspension parts and even repairing tire punctures! Not to mention the diverse tuning. If the police catch you at the crime scene, get a $ 430 fine.

In addition, the document prohibits Californians “to engage in minor repairs or maintenance of vehicles” in a residential area using professional tools, to perform work that resulted in the vehicle being immobilized for more than 24 hours, and also to repair “alien” cars in its garage that is, those registered for those who do not live in this house.