Californian tuners show Cadillac Escalade ESV made for Kim Kardashian

Californian tuners show Cadillac Escalade ESV made for Kim Kardashian

April 5, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The luxury SUV for the celebrity client was finalized by the specialists of the Platinum Motorsport workshop from California.

The tuning studio has shared pictures of its project – a full-size Escalade ESV for Kim Kardashian. The body of the SUV is painted in an exclusive gray shade, similar to the color of smoothly stripped aluminum. It is called KK Silver after the American star.

Another interesting feature of the custom SUV is its large 26-inch wheels in a retro style. The Californians keep the details of the alteration a secret. It is only known that, at the request of the client, the new generation SUV received a lower stance. The black grille with a small pattern hints that the Sport version has been in the hands of the tuners.

Most likely, on one exterior, the alteration of the SUV is not over. Only here the tuners did not provide pictures of the interior. Whether there have been changes in the engine compartment is not reported.

Most likely, the SUV was left with a factory petrol V8 of 6.2 liters with a capacity of 426 hp. It works in conjunction with a 10-speed automatic and four-wheel drive.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that the court tuning studio Mulliner finalized the Bentley Bentayga hybrid. The customer was a client from China. This SUV will be brought to the April Shanghai Motor Show.