Cake introduced an unusual electric bike

Cake introduced an unusual electric bike

November 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Swedish motorcycle manufacturer introduced a universal electric motorcycle. From it you can assemble a workbench, shopping cart and much more. There are over a thousand different configurations.

Last year, the Swedish motorcycle manufacturer introduced his electric enduro to the world, which stands out for its unusual, very strange appearance. Now the brand has surpassed itself by introducing an even more amazing motorcycle – Ösa. Looking at the appearance, you might think that the bike was literally welded from pipe scraps, welding a platform for the battery to it, and then a monoshock-absorber and an inverted fork, as well as 15-inch wheels were attached.

 However, the most interesting thing is not at all in the appearance of the motorcycle. In addition to the vehicle, it can also serve as a mobile workbench, shopping platform and even a music platform. The bike is truly considered universal in its field. Cake noted that more than a thousand different configurations can be created.

 Ösa is offered in two trim levels – Lite and Plus. It is worth noting that they are quite different from each other in their characteristics. In the first configuration, the weight of the motorcycle reaches 65 kg, it is declared as a moped and develops a power of 10 kWh and accelerates to 45 km / h. You can choose one of two batteries, providing a range of 75 and 120 km, respectively. Options Plus, in the first place, is classified as a motorcycle. Its maximum speed reaches 100 km / h, and it can travel up to 60 or 100 km on a single charge, depending on the choice of battery.

 Motorcycle sales will start in March next year. For a complete set of Lite, the motorcycle manufacturer asks for 4.5 thousand Euros, and for Plus it will have to pay 6 thousand Euros.

A little earlier at the EICMA 2019 they introduced the Indian FTR1200 Rally 2020. In technical terms, this is the same basic version of the motorcycle, but their appearance is very different from each other.