Cadillac thinks that the XT5 crossover will turn out good … hearse

Cadillac thinks that the XT5 crossover will turn out good … hearse

May 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After deciding to stop selling the big XTS sedan, the American brand Cadillac believes that its XT5 crossover can easily replace it when it comes to using a car as a limousine or even a hearse.

Along with the elimination of ATS and CTS models based on rear-wheel drive platforms (both sedans), the Cadillac management will also gradually abandon another XTS sedan. There is hardly any economic potential in these cars, according to the company. Among other things, the Cadillac XTS was the brand car used by specialized enterprises throughout the model’s life cycle. This car was converted into a limousine and even a hearse.

Full-size sedan XTS urgently requires a decent receiver. This was said by Jason Sledzevsk, director of product marketing for Cadillac. According to him, this replacement is the XT5 crossover.

“XTS can be turned into a hearse – the same can be done with the XT5. It is physically possible and our crossover has everything you need to do this, ”says Sledzevski.

The Cadillac XT5 model was introduced in 2016 as a mid-size crossover, replacing the outdated SRX. It remained the only crossover in the model range of the brand before the launch of the smaller XT4, which was shown in the second half of 2018. The number of models of the company will continue to expand with the launch of the three-row crossover XT6 at the end of this year.