Cadillac spoke about the intelligent cruise control system Super Cruise

Cadillac spoke about the intelligent cruise control system Super Cruise

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to the official release, the intelligent cruise control system is equipped with an updated automatic lane change function. The system will be installed on the CT4 and CT5 sedans, as well as on the Escalade SUV.

As an additional option for the Cadillac CT4, CT5 sedans and the Escalade 2021 model year SUV, the advanced Super Cruise cruise control system will be available. The system will now be able to independently change lanes at the request of the driver.

 “This is our most extensive update that we have been preparing for the Super Cruise system since its debut,” said Mario Majorana, chief engineer of the Super Cruise project, in a published press release. “We have made a number of improvements to make Super Cruise more intuitive, more productive and affordable for our customers. In addition to the automatic lane change function, we have improved the user interface and the dynamics of driving without hands. ”

 Activating the system is easy enough. If the driver wants to change lane, he should move the direction indicator.

 Special sensors check whether the conditions for maneuver are safe, and then the car starts moving in the desired lane. Messages indicators on the dashboard inform the driver about that condition of the maneuver in real time, by such warnings as “search of the corridor” or “change of lane”. To make such a “trick” possible, the company used the very best sensors located on the back and updated software. Improved cartographic information allows the system to move a car from lane to lane at bends and junctions.

 There is bad news for people who have an existing version of Super Cruise, because Cadillac cannot update their cruise control. “These enhancements are made possible through the use of the brand new GM digital platform, which provides high processing power. As a result, these improvements will only be available on vehicles built on this digital platform, “says the official press release.

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