Cadillac patented two new names

Cadillac patented two new names

August 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new names have been registered with the patent office.

The American company at the Swiss Patent Office has reserved the rights to two new names: Symboliq and Optiq. It should be noted that the new names are consonant with the previously announced Lyriq electric car, which will debut the other day.

It is reported that the description for the new names clarifies that they can be used separately and in combination with the Cadillac brand. Thus, the American brand is smoothly moving to a new naming system and all future models will receive names that end with “iq”.

The current cars are likely to keep their names. Note that this is not the first name reform in the company – the previous one took place in 2015, when the brand decided to name its cars with indices combined with one number. At the same time, let us clarify that in the name the letter C stands for a sedan, X stands for a crossover, and the number stands for a conventional size.

This year, the brand also began to use nameplates with the designation of the car’s torque, rounded up to 50 Nm. Thus, the company brought together petrol, hybrid and diesel modifications into a single hierarchy.