Cadillac mocked the Tesla autopilot

Cadillac mocked the Tesla autopilot

March 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Cadillac brand has released a new commercial from the series Future is Here, in which it showed the advantages of its autopilot before the development of Tesla. The video was published on the channel of the American manufacturer in YouTube.

The Cadillac Super Cruise system is the world’s first semi-autonomous autopilot for the highway, which, unlike the Tesla system, does not require the driver to constantly keep his hands on the handlebar. Therefore, in the video, the driver of the CT6 sedan overtakes the Model S and demonstratively removes the hands from the steering wheel.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the autopilot, in September 2017 Cadillac sent a small group of journalists and shareholders of the company in an auto rally from New York to Los Angeles. Part of the route of the car passed independently, without the intervention of the driver.

For use, the Super Cruise system uses the driver’s lookup function, a set of cameras, topographic data received from the lidar, and information from the navigation system. This solution helps with movement in a limited view. For example, in bends or over hilly terrain.

Autopilot Tesla repeatedly got into unpleasant situations. So, at the end of January this year the system could not see the parked fire truck and provoked an accident. In this case, the instruction manual indicates that an advanced cruise control system does not always recognize fixed objects.