Cadillac may stop production of the CT6 luxury sedan

Cadillac may stop production of the CT6 luxury sedan

January 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Cadillac CT6 Sedan was released in 2016, but GM’s announcement of the cuts last November included an assembly plant in Detroit Hamtramk, where the CT6 is made.

Since then, controversial reports have emerged, which basically do not constitute true information when it comes to CT6.

Media reported covering the recent J.D. Summit. San Francisco’s Power Automotive Summit, about comments from Cadillac marketing director Deborah Wal, that CT6 will live. In particular, she said that “the news of his demise was greatly exaggerated.”

She also said that sales of the sedan will last until 2019 and until 2020. It sounds encouraging, but, nevertheless, it does not give full confidence.

A couple of weeks ago, GM President Mark Reis and Cadillac President Steve Carlyle discussed the possibility of maintaining the CT6 in the US market. Reportedly, this will be connected either with the transfer of production of the CT6 to another plant, or with the import of a car from China, where it will continue production.

The official response from Cadillac was that the CT6 finished production in mid-2019 at an assembly plant in Detroit-Hamtramke, “which produces cars for North America.”

In addition, a Cadillac spokesman said: “Usually we do not discuss plans for the future.”

Officially, then, nothing is known or confirmed, with the exception of the production of CT6 in North America, ending at the end of this year.

The CT6 is only a few years old, but sales of sedans in the US are falling like crazy. It is possible that GM would be glad to say goodbye to it in favor of the SUV line, but the Cadillac legacy includes more than a century of luxury cars, rather than crossovers or SUVs.

The rejection of the CT6 will be the end of a very long era, and some may say that it may even be the end of Cadillac. It seems the executives would like to leave the car, perhaps for this purpose.