Cadillac Escalade will acquire a fully electric motor

Cadillac Escalade will acquire a fully electric motor

July 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the release date of the legendary SUV with an electric motor is not reported. It is only known that it will go on sale after the appearance of the classic version, which is scheduled for 2021.

According to sources close to the leadership of the company Cadillac, is soon expected to enter the market of the electric version of the SUV. The fifth generation of the car will go on sale in early 2021. It is expected that customers will be offered a choice of three different types of motor, including a fully electric one.

According to rumors, on a full charge the car will be able to overcome 644 kilometers. If we take into account the size and weight of the Escalade, then to achieve this indicator it is necessary to use a battery of very large dimensions.

At the moment, there are no off-road vehicles with such a range – the closest competitor to the Tesla Model X is able to drive 523 km of full power. At the same time, a 100 kW / h battery is used to operate the electric motor. By the time the electric version of Cadillac Escalade is released, Tesla also expects to overcome the figure of 600 km. Another competitor of the two models listed is the Rivian R1S.