Cadillac Escalade turned into a luxurious armored car

Cadillac Escalade turned into a luxurious armored car

February 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company AddArmor, founded by former intelligence officers, presented an armored modification of the Cadillac Escalade SUV. The car received not only protection from weapons of different types, but also a luxurious interior.

The design of the SUV used bullet-proof glass with a thickness of 5 cm, capable of withstanding shots of large-caliber assault rifles and powerful pistols. For an additional fee, the windshield of the car can be equipped with special anti-icing elements, built-in GPS antennas, as well as solar panels.

To protect the body, AddArmor has used special carbon fiber panels that are ten times stronger than standard ballistic steel, but about 60% lighter. The roof had to be raised by 11 cm in order to install an LED lighting system.

Plus, the SUV is equipped with flashing beacons with a siren, a system of all-round visibility and night vision, reinforced suspension, run-flat tires and enhanced braking mechanisms.

Finally, a 32-inch TV with Apple TV, a subscription to the HBO channel, as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot and a Sony sound system were installed in an Alcantara-styled salon. This car will cost $ 350,000