Cadillac Dealer Builds ATS-V Convertible

Cadillac Dealer Builds ATS-V Convertible

October 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Illinois (USA), an American brand dealership sells a “charged” convertible ATS-V. The car costs $ 100,000

The high-performance version of the compact sports sedan / coupe Cadillac ATS-V was a pretty good attempt by the American brand to overtake the Bavarian BMW M3 in the struggle for consumers and thus bring Cadillac to the market leader in luxury sedans with extra power. Although the ATS-V was excellent in handling and had good potential, it still could not be more successful than the “charged” BMW M3 / M4 and was quickly forgotten.

The Cadillac dealer in Illinois (USA) believes that this one-of-a-kind convertible ATS-V is worthy of our attention.

  The price of this car is 100 000 dollars. The price is as follows – you pay $ 80,000 for the car itself, and another $ 20,000 for making a convertible out of it. I agree, this is a little expensive, even too much, but you will be the owner of the world’s only ATS-V with an open roof.

  According to the creators of this miracle (the guys from the bus company Convertible Builders LLC in Florida, USA were engaged in designing), the car uses a roof with a very durable structure, a fully functional quarter window and a reinforced chassis. Creating this performance of the ATS-V model was not an easy job — it required a lot of money and time. Careful design was required to make the car fully functional and safe at the same time.