Cadillac Celestiq or the brand’s future flagship electric car

Cadillac Celestiq or the brand’s future flagship electric car

March 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American brand has announced a flagship model that will receive an all-electric power plant. The novelty will go on sale in a limited edition and will be assembled by hand.

  A couple of hours ago, the American concern General Motors introduced several of its all-electric innovations, including the GMC Hummer SUV and the first Cadillac crossover to receive an electric motor – the novelty was called Lyriq (pictured). At the end of the presentation, the Cadillac Celestiq electric sedan was announced, which will become the flagship model of the company.

The novelty has received the form of a huge, smooth fastback. Now it’s difficult to say anything about the appearance of this electric car, because Cadillac representatives were not allowed to take pictures.

It is known that the flagship Celestiq will have a limited production cycle. Each instance of the new product will be built manually, with the exception of the Ultium platform on which it will be built. This means a custom-made double lounge, which will be trimmed with “magnificent wood and high-quality leather that will blend in harmoniously with the huge touch screen.”

 Rumor has it that the flagship Cadillac Celestiq will look similar in appearance to the Cadillac Lyriq electric crossover. The latter will debut on April 2. It is noteworthy that the exterior of Celestiq and Lyriq were designed by the same people. Celestiq is much longer, much lower and much wider than Lyriq.

The faceplate on the Celestiq and Lyriq crossover are remarkably similar to each other, with the identical grille design all the way down. The similarity will also be in the vertical headlights and thin LED strips that serve as turn signals.

Cadillac was silent about when and where the Celestiq flagship electric car will debut, although it will almost certainly happen after the introduction of the Lyriq electric crossover, which should be shown at the New York Motor Show.