Caddy – a police van for dogs

Caddy – a police van for dogs

June 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

New car specifically for four-legged developed and produced concern Volkswagen.

New model appeared after the van for the transportation of detainees. The car body is characterized by the presence of a removable compartment for dogs. And the latter meets all the standards of the European Union for the transport of animals and therefore is equipped with air conditioning and temperature control system. If the dogs are hot, the driver will receive the appropriate signal, given that, he will set the climate system to the desired temperature, without getting up from his seat.

Modernization of the van carried out the English studio PressFab Evo, located in Bedfordshire. In addition to the compartment, the car received a blue flasher with LED content and a special color-painting body.

From a technical point of view, this is the usual Highline version of the Caddy with a 148-liter diesel engine. with. and 6-speed manual transmission. The maximum speed of the van is 191 km / h with an average fuel consumption of 5 l / 100 km. In the division of VW Commercial Vehicles consider the model cars for dogs successful.